phonics made easy

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Do you want help with supporting your child learning phonics ?


Are you worried that your child might be falling behind in their language development ?


Have you heard that phonics is the foundation for your child's learning of reading but don't know where to start with it all ?


Do you want a clear and easy method of teaching phonics that will support what your child is learning in school ?

Welcome to "phonics made easy", an easy to use website for parents, designed by an experienced teacher, with over 15 years of experience of teaching phonics in primary schools.

Why the "phonics made easy" website is so user friendly for parents:


1. It avoids the educational jargon and just gives you a clear process of teaching phonics in simple terms. Most parents are not trained teachers, they just want to give their child a little extra help where they can.


2. Phonics made easy provides you with a whole bank of FREE phonics resources compiled for you to enjoy

                                              and use with your child.


                                        3. Phonics made easy offers you an online shop link to the "Jolly Phonics" resources in our Jolly phonics

                                             Amazon online shop.